WaterTherm want our customers to have the best knowledge about their home and the heating system within it. Here you will find some frequently asked questions that you may find useful. If there are areas you are unsure of you can always give us as call.

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If you are a landlord who provides rented accomodation of a property you are leggally required to get a Gas Safety Certificate for all gas appliances (including gas boilers) once per year. Even if this is not the case its a good idea to get it serviced annually to ensure that the boiler is running at it optimum efficiency. its all always better to be safe than sorry.

The answer depends on what kind of condition you boiler is in, with that said it usually takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Switch off your heating if you haven’t already done so. Place your radiator key in the radiator’s bleed valve (usually found in the top corners). Slowly turn the key anticlockwise and listen for a hissing sound. Give the air a moment or two to escape from the radiator. When water begins to leak out, turn the key clockwise to lock the bleed valve.

If your home has 2 floors you should begin bleeding the downstairs radiators first. It’s also advisable to start with the radiator which is furthest away from the boiler. Once you’ve bled all the downstairs radiators you move on to the upstairs, again beginning with the radiator which is furthest from the boiler.

During the winter months, your condensate pipe may freeze and become blocked. This can easily be fixed by using a hot water bottle, or pouring warm water over the pipe itself. For more information on this please contact one of engineers. If the weather is milder it may be worth checking where the condense pipe terminates for blockages such as leaves. Usually, a gurgling noise can be heard from the boiler during attempted ignition when the condensate is blocked.

Often, with a newly filled system, there can be air in the water used. Over time this is released into the system causing a pressure drop in you boiler.

Another cause of pressure loss could be not having enough expansion in the system. There could also be a slight leak within the system which may not be noticeable without detailed diagnostics.

Finally, it could be due to a component failure within the boiler. If the system requires topping up frequently it needs to be checked by a professional to find the source of the pressure loss.

This means there is a problem with the return. To reset this turn the boiler off at the wall (fuse spur) for a couple of seconds then back on again. If the boiler still fails to operate then please contact WaterTherm who are  Gas Safe Registered, alternatively you can call your boiler manufacturer if your boiler is still in warranty.

As a general rule boilers can last anything up to 15 years. Regular services can help your boiler to reach this age. if you notice any of the following sign then it may be time to invest in a new boiler in your home. 

  • Tempuature fluctuating while boiler is on
  • Water leaking from the boiler
  • Boiler making strange noises like hissing or knocking
  • taking a long time to heat up
  • Boiler failing to heat up correctly

Here there are some tips to keep your boiler running efficiently between WaterTherms annual visits:

  • Use your boiler regularly – try to switch your heating on occasionally during the warmer months to prevent it from seizing up
  • Keep an eye on the boiler pressure
  • Keepthe area around the boiler clear from clutter – Boilers should be well ventilated.
  • Ensure pipework is insulated – pipes can freeze during the colder months and even burst if they are not insulated properly.

It is your landlords responsibility to ensure that plumbing and gas installations in your home are working correctly without posing a threat to your health and safety. The first thing to do is tell your landlord about the issues, this way hopefully they can be resolved as soon as possible. If your landlord fails to do this then the best thing to do is to contact your local council to ensure that the situation is dealt with properly.

The most common cause of no hot water from your gas boiler is the pilot light going out. … If your pilot light won’t stay lit then it is likely a problem with the thermocouple, which senses when the pilot light is lit and opens a gas valve to keep it lit.

On a combi boiler you should check that the hot water temperature is turned up on the front, check the isolation valve underneath the boiler on the cold mains pipe is vertical/open. After this it is likely there is a problem within the appliance. On either a heat only boiler or a system boiler if the central heating work and the hot water doesn’t this will be a system problem, possibly a zone valve not operating.

If you require any further information do not hesitate to contact on of our skilled team members at WaterTherm

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