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WaterTherm are pleased to announce Megaflow to the Services that we can provide you

Benefits of

The power behind high performance, invigorating showers, fast-filling baths and sinks

Our highly efficient unvented cylinders provide outstanding and unparalleled levels of hot water performance, comfort and energy-saving.

Megaflo offers outstanding hot water performance without the need for shower pumps or tanks even at low pressures and the Titanium electric heating elements on direct models for extra long-life. So no need to replace this in just a few years. The
Pre-plumbed and pre-wired options available for ease of installation.The internal floating baffle expansion system, providing a neat appearance, saving space and speeding up installation time, thus insuring the least amount of disruption for your household.

Megaflo is manufactured from high grade duplex stainless steel providing high corrosion resistance and the unique ‘L’ shaped immersion heater maximises the volume of hot water available when heated electrically ensuring you will always have enough hot water for your home.

Have the demand for hot water in your home?

Unvented water heating is the fastest growing sector of the UK. Providing mains water pressure directly to the hot water cylinder for faster filling baths,  energising powerful showers and with a balanced supply to taps and sinks, our highly efficient unvented cylinders provide outstanding levels of hot water performance, comfort and energy-saving. 

Energy efficiency

Our Megaflo Eco offers a number of features that place it well ahead of other leading brands on performance, quality and reliability. To minimise heat loss, a 60mm thick void-free layer of high-performance polyurethane foam fills the space between the inner vessel and outer casing for maximum insulation efficiency.

Insulated temperature & pressure relief valve and 60mm of CFC / HCFC-free injected foam for the best possible heat retention and energy efficiency possible.

Can Megaflo be installed in my home?

Megaflo can be installed in a num ber of places within any home. Megaflo has
Pre-plumbed and pre-wired options available for ease of installation so the disruption to your household is minimal.

This system will provide your household with enough water at high performances whilst also saving space, unlike like other cylinders, giving you more room to do with what you wish.

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