Commercial Gas Services

Commercial Gas Services (IGEM UP/1A)

WaterTherm is also a commercial heating company, this allows us to work on gas supply pipework and appliances within larger premises i.e. large homes, schools, leisure centres, churches, restaurants, public houses etc. We cover the installation, servicing, breakdown, repair and decommissioning:

  • Gas supply pipework, design/pipe sizing, installation, strength/tightness testing, purging (new, existing installations), decommissioning of redundant supplies using purge stacks.
  • Appliances, we can work on a variety of commercial appliances from; hot water boilers, Reznor/Cab heaters, Andrews direct fired water heaters and indirect fired forced draught burners/appliances.
  • Certifications, we can carry out commercial gas safety inspections, strength/tightness test certificates, purging certificates, service and maintenance certificates and commissioning/decommissioning reports.

We can assist commercial clients in any gas services they require, we offer bespoke service packages, unique to each client/s. using our sophisticated software we can tailor a package that suits your service requirements, at an extremely competitive rate. We can ensure that any SLA’S (Service Level Agreements) are met first time every time! As previously mentioned we operate sophisticated software that can direct our engineers to priority jobs on request, ensuring we can meet allocated time slots set by our clients.

For premises that require special security clearances, our staff have been given DBS checks, (Disclosure and Barring Service.)

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