Unvented Hot Water Systems

Unvented Hot Water Systems:

Our engineers have undertaken the Building Regulation G3 Course, which relates to unvented hot water cylinders/systems. Unlike traditional Vented cylinders which need a large tank in the loft space to supply them, and rely on gravity head pressure (which more often than not provides uneven or inadequate supply pressure). Unvented systems are fed directly from the mains water supply, they provide plenty of pressure (providing the incoming supply pressure, flow rate our sufficient) and equal pressure so that showers and other appliances operate perfectly. The advantages of these systems is that there is no need for large storage tanks to supply them, equal pressures at all outlets, can be installed practically anywhere and they can give excellent flow rates over combination boilers, especially when there is one or more bathrooms present in the property. We can carry out the installation, servicing, breakdown and repair of this type of system. We can also certificate unvented hot water cylinders, with the local building authority.

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